The dissertation is an important step in its implementation. It is naive to believe that the design can be postponed to the very last moment. It is much easier to immediately familiarize yourself with all the requirements and use them in the process of writing a thesis. The applicant may have many questions regarding the dissertation, but it is necessary to proceed from the requirements.

The design should be done immediately, even when drafting a dissertation manuscript. Considering that the thesis contains not only the text part, but also graphs, tables, diagrams, illustrations are used, they must be correctly located and signed. This should be properly executed in compliance with the requirements for this type of work.

The dissertation is issued only in academic style. The structure of the thesis assumes the presence of the following mandatory elements: introduction, main chapters, conclusions, bibliography. Considering that the dissertation is a serious scientific work, you should not postpone the design of the work until later. Moreover, the dissertation council has strict requirements for dissertations.

There are design rules used when writing scientific papers:

  • Page orientation should be portrait.
  • A4 page format.
  • Indent to the left is 3 centimeters, to the right is 1 centimeter, from the bottom two and a half centimeters, from above 2 centimeters
  • Font 14.
  • One and a half spacing
  • The number of pages of the thesis has not been determined, but the default for master’s theses is 150 pages.

Page numbers are in order. The title page does not have a page number, but is included in the total. Come up with innovations when affixing the village is not worth it, traditionally affixed number in the upper right corner. But, each council can have its own requirements for the design of printed works, so it is better to clarify this in advance. It is important to keep in mind that after the dissertation is submitted to the dissertation council, nothing can be corrected, therefore it is better to check the design several times before it is submitted for examination.

Digital material, which is usually present in the analytical part of the thesis, is usually presented in the form of a table. Each table has the required elements: number, title, column headings. Each table has a sequence number and a title. Abbreviation of the title is not allowed. Making a table, you need to focus on the right field, where the word “Table” and the number are written. Below is the name of the table without a dot at the end of the sentence. The numbering of tables can be continuous throughout the thesis, or within the chapter. Each column of the table must be filled, it is impossible to leave empty places, even if the column does not contain data, you must put a dash.

As for the illustrations, there are several ways to design them:

  • Images in the form of graphics schemes.
  • Inscription Fig. with the use of numbers illustration.
  • The name of the illustration.
  • Caption title, if necessary.

If the illustrations are located on sheets of a smaller format than A4, they should be pasted on white paper. At the end of the title of the illustration the point is not put, the numbering is possible both through the work in the text and inside the chapter. It is possible to design illustrations on sheets A3, but in this case two pages will be read in one.

Formulas are made on separate lines. Short formulas are placed on a separate line: this does not save space, but the names and deciphering of the constituent elements of the formula will be visible. Numbering is in parentheses on the right edge of the page. If the formula has a fraction, then the number is placed in the middle of the horizontal line. Intermediate formulas that are used only to display basic formulas contain a letter without a space, for example: (5a).