The dissertation is an important step in its implementation. It is naive to believe that the design can be postponed to the very last moment. It is much easier to immediately familiarize yourself with all the requirements and use them in the process of writing a thesis. The applicant may have many questions regarding the […]

How to write a thesis?

There is no single recommendation on how to properly organize the work on a thesis, because this is a creative work, and therefore there are simply no generally accepted schemes. But there are a few rules that will help make your dissertation unique. In particular, professionals recommend spending the day studying literature, and spending the […]

How to choose a dissertation topic?

The choice of the dissertation topic is a very complicated process, since it depends on which industry is chosen and you have to build your dissertation on the building blocks of knowledge. The most amazing thing is that there is no point in giving any advice. In order to choose the topic of your further […]