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March 3 - 1:30 - 3:30pm
Pelham Arts Center, Pelham, NY
March 9 - 7:00pm - Weekly Event
Wartburg Sr. Center, Mount Vernon, NY
May 15 - 3:00pm - Monthly Event
Yogascape Studio & Spa, Carmel, NY


Drumming has been used for centuries in nearly all cultures for ritual, healing, and celebration. This universal nature of percussive music provides opportunities for creative self-expression and for group participation. Group drumming participants are connected to a common purpose by sharing rhythm experiences with others. Benefits include improved health & well-being through stress reduction and boosting the immune system. From a health perspective, group drumming promotes many elements of wellness including exercise, nurturing & social support, intellectual stimulation, spirituality, self-expression, and stress reduction. Group drumming gives a sonic massage while providing a creative and emotional outlet.

Drum Circle Tips for First Timers

  1. Don’t wear rings, watches, or bracelets while playing drums.
  2. Ask permission before playing somebody else’s drum.
  3. Listen as much as you play.

Read on to find out more tips...


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